Educational Funding using Men’s Soccer USA 2021

Educational Funding using Men’s Soccer is best done by yourself as the player.  You and your parent are going to have to work together to acquire the information to find the roster spot you need.  The roster spot may not be on a varsity team. Educational funding using Mens’ soccer will require you do to some some research. The “Men’s Soccer Master List USA” contains important links for your regarding American University, College and Technical Schools that can save you time.

Men’s Soccer Master List USA for University,  College and Technical Schools

First of all – this list is your most important resource for you to  find educational funding using Men’s Soccer. It will guide you to a post-secondary men’s soccer roster spot team in the United States.  If you are from outside of the USA, the soccer clubs you play for can reduce the cost of your schooling.  You can play for a varsity school team, to receive school funding.  Furthermore – you can also play for a local semi-pro team or an intramural (NIRSA) team to help you gain funding for your schooling. The Master List at breaks down all of the men’s soccer clubs in the USA.  You can choose a club  and build a  recruitment plan to fit your educational funding needs.

Master List Use Instructions – Educational Funding Using Men’s Soccer USA 2021

Choose Province First – Educational Funding Using Men’s Soccer

In order for you to obtain educational funding using Men’s Soccer, choose the State you want to play in.  States are listed on the Map  below.  You can choose either a University (4 year degree granting program) or a College/Technical School (2 year diploma program).  You will see the Varsity, Intramural or Local men’s Teams listed. You can view the city (location) beside the school and begin a list of potential schools. It is important that you do this only after you have narrowed down your choice of career. If you need help on the process and educational funding using men’s soccer you can peruse for more help.

Educational Funding Using Men's Soccer USA 2018
Educational Funding Using Men’s Soccer USA 2021 Map
Choose Approprate School University College Techical – Educational Funding Using Men’s Soccer

First of all, you need to Choose a School that fits your needs based upon your own welfare.  Your own welfare means a school where you receive the education you need.  Education is the information required to do whatever career interests you. Also you need to look at your budget!  The location listing is valuable for this.  The masterlist lists the location as a City. Educational funding using Men’s Soccer is best acquired at or near the insitution that fits your needs.

Choose School Location City – Educational Funding Using Men’s Soccer

Accordingly, determine  the location of the instituton by City – next to the heading of the school you have chosen. It will contain information on the city. You can acquire costs of living or the city by adding “cost of living” behind the name of the city in ‘Google”.  You can also use “Cost of living” after the university name at to gain a more detailed account regarging cost of living at you chosen university. Educational funding using Men’s Soccer is going to have to take into account your budgeted needs.

Educational Funding Using Men's Soccer, Master List USA 2018
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Varsity Master List Heading – Educational Funding Using Men’s Soccer

After determining  the School and it’s location – select the link under”Varsity” to find the URL for the school team that represents the institution.  This link will be denoted for you by the league it participates in. You choose the varsity team when you are only interested in a school scholarship. Most noteworthy is – yes, you receive monies for a scholarship – but  will also likely need to find more than scholarship money to attend. After deciding whether or not a scholarship is required you  can turn to a NIRSA heading.

NIRSA Master List Heading – Educational Funding Using Men’s Soccer

You can choose NIRSA to find the URL for the school intramural team that represents the institution.  Consequently, you choose the intramural team when you are only interested in combining other scholarships with a school activity.  NIRSA is an acronym for “National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association.” NIRSA has facilitated national leagues where “club” teams can compete.  If a school has a team you may be able to tie participation to school funding.  If the school has no NIRSA team, you can facilitate one. This type of leadership can help you acquire educational funding.

Educational Funding Using Men's Soccer Master List USA 2018
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Educational Funding Using Men’s Soccer by Using Innovative Thinking! 

After deciding whether or not  a NIRSA team can help you – you can turn to Semi-Pro. It may seem like  educational funding using Men’s Soccer cannot be achieved by using Intra-Mural Soccer – but it can. What is most noteworthy is that most scholarships applied for are conjunctional – so you need to link the sport participation with another parameter that a scholarship or bursary is looking for. You need to be aware that NIRSA participation may affect varsity eligibility in the future.  For a much more indepth study on this subject you can refer to website.

Semi-Pro Master List Heading – Educational Funding Using Men’s Soccer

This the local senior men’s association that deals with men’s soccer. You can find a local team sponsored by a business. For help on this you can turn to  There you will find innovative  ways to acquire outside funding funding to soccer.  The funding you may acquire is through programs created by local, provincial and federal governments. What is especially relevant is the list provided on the sheet is Semi-Pro but you can try local business sponsored teams also.

AlabamaUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)BirminghamNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
ArizonaGrand Canyon UniversityPhoenixNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
ArkansasUniversity of Central ArkansasConwayNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaCalifornia Polytechnic State University
(Cal Poly)
San Luis ObispoNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaCalifornia State University, Fullerton
(Cal State Fullerton)
FullertonNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaCalifornia State University, Northridge (CSUN)NorthridgeLos AngelesNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaCalifornia State University, Sacramento
(Sacramento State)
SacramentoNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaUniversity of California, Davis
(UC Davis)
CaliforniaUniversity of California, Irvine
(UC Irvine)
CaliforniaUniversity of California, Riverside
(UC Riverside)
RiversideNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
(UC Santa Barbara)
Santa BarbaraNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaUniversity of California, Berkeley
BerkeleyNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaSan Diego State UniversitySan DiegoNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaStanford UniversityStanfordNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Los AngelesNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaLoyola Marymount UniversityLos AngelesNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaUniversity of the PacificStocktonNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaSaint Mary’s College of CaliforniaMoragaNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaUniversity of San DiegoSan DiegoNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaUniversity of San FranciscoSan FranciscoNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaSanta Clara UniversitySanta ClaraNCAA INoneSemi-Pro
CaliforniaCalifornia State University, Bakersfield
(Cal State Bakersfield/CSUB)
BakersfieldNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
CaliforniaSan Jose State UniversitySan JoseNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
 ColoradoUniversity of DenverDenverNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
 ColoradoUnited States Air Force Academy
(Air Force)
Colorado SpringsNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 ConnecticutUniversity of HartfordWest HartfordNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
 ConnecticutUniversity of ConnecticutStorrsNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 ConnecticutYale UniversityNew HavenNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 ConnecticutFairfield UniversityFairfieldNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 ConnecticutQuinnipiac UniversityHamdenNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 ConnecticutCentral Connecticut State UniversityNew BritainNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 ConnecticutSacred Heart UniversityFairfieldNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 D.C.George Washington UniversityWashingtonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 D.C.Georgetown UniversityWashingtonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 D.C.American UniversityWashingtonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 D.C.Howard UniversityWashingtonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 DelawareUniversity of DelawareNewarkNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 FloridaUniversity of South FloridaTampaNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 FloridaUniversity of Central Florida
OrlandoNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 FloridaFlorida Gulf Coast University
Fort MyersNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 FloridaJacksonville UniversityJacksonvilleNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 FloridaUniversity of North FloridaJacksonvilleNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 FloridaStetson UniversityDeLandNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 FloridaFlorida Atlantic University
Boca RatonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 FloridaFlorida International University
University ParkNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 GeorgiaMercer UniversityMaconNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 GeorgiaGeorgia Southern UniversityStatesboroNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 GeorgiaGeorgia State UniversityAtlantaNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 IllinoisDePaul UniversityChicagoNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 IllinoisNorthwestern UniversityEvanstonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 IllinoisUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
ChicagoNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 IllinoisNorthern Illinois University
 IllinoisSouthern Illinois University Edwardsville
(SIU Edwardsville/SIUE)
EdwardsvilleNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 IllinoisBradley UniversityPeoriaNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 IllinoisLoyola University ChicagoChicagoNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 IllinoisEastern Illinois UniversityCharlestonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 IllinoisWestern Illinois UniversityMacombNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 IndianaUniversity of Notre DameSouth BendNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 IndianaButler UniversityIndianapolisNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 IndianaIndiana University BloomingtonBloomingtonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 IndianaIndiana University –
Purdue University Indianapolis

IndianapolisNCAA INoneSemi-Pro
 IndianaUniversity of EvansvilleEvansvilleNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 IndianaValparaiso UniversityValparaisoNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 IndianaIndiana University –
Purdue University Fort Wayne

(Fort Wayne)
Fort WayneNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 IowaDrake UniversityDes MoinesNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 KentuckyUniversity of LouisvilleLouisvilleNCAA INoneSemi-Pro
 KentuckyUniversity of KentuckyLexingtonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 KentuckyNorthern Kentucky UniversityHighland HeightsNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MarylandUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County
Baltimore CountyNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MarylandUniversity of Maryland, College Park
College ParkNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MarylandLoyola University MarylandBaltimoreNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MarylandUnited States Naval Academy
AnnapolisNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 MassachusettsUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell
(UMass Lowell)
LowellNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MassachusettsUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
AmherstNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MassachusettsBoston CollegeChestnut HillNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
 MassachusettsNortheastern UniversityBostonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MassachusettsHarvard UniversityCambridgeNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MassachusettsBoston UniversityBostonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MassachusettsCollege of the Holy CrossWorcesterNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MichiganUniversity of MichiganAnn ArborNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MichiganMichigan State UniversityEast LansingNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MichiganUniversity of Detroit Mercy
DetroitNCAA INoneSemi-Pro
 MichiganOakland UniversityAuburn Hills & Rochester HillsNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MichiganWestern Michigan UniversityKalamazooNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MissouriSaint Louis UniversitySt. LouisNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MissouriMissouri State UniversitySpringfieldNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 MissouriUniversity of Missouri–Kansas City
Kansas CityNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 NebraskaCreighton UniversityOmahaNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 NebraskaUniversity of Nebraska Omaha
OmahaNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 NevadaUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas
ParadiseNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 New HampshireUniversity of New HampshireDurhamNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 New HampshireDartmouth CollegeHanoverNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 New JerseyNew Jersey Institute of Technology
NewarkNCAA INoneSemi-Pro
 New JerseySeton Hall UniversitySouth OrangeNCAA INIRSA Semi-Pro
 New JerseyRutgers University–New Brunswick
New BrunswickNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 New JerseyPrinceton UniversityPrincetonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 New JerseyMonmouth UniversityWest Long BranchNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 New JerseyRider UniversityLawrencevilleNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 New JerseySaint Peter’s UniversityJersey CityNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 New JerseyFairleigh Dickinson UniversityMadison & Florham ParkNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 New MexicoUniversity of New MexicoAlbuquerqueNCAA INoneSemi-Pro
 New YorkUniversity at Albany, SUNY
AlbanyNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
New York Binghamton UniversityBinghamtonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
New York Stony Brook UniversityStony BrookNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
New York Fordham UniversityThe BronxNew York CityNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
New York St. Bonaventure UniversityAlleganyNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
New York Syracuse UniversitySyracuseNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
New York St. John’s UniversityNew York CityNCAA INoneSemi-Pro
New York Hofstra UniversityHempsteadNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
New York Columbia UniversityNew York CityNCAA INoneSemi-Pro
New York Cornell UniversityIthacaNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
New York Canisius CollegeBuffaloNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
New York Iona CollegeNew RochelleNCAA INoneSemi-Pro
New York Manhattan CollegeThe BronxNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
New York Marist CollegePoughkeepsieNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
New York Niagara UniversityLewistonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
New York Siena CollegeLoudonvilleNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
New York Long Island University
(LIU Brooklyn)
BrooklynNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
New York 

St. Francis College

Brooklyn HeightsNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
New York United States Military AcademyWest PointNCAA I



New York Colgate UniversityHamiltonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
New York Hartwick College OneontaNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 North CarolinaDavidson CollegeDavidsonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 North CarolinaDuke UniversityDurhamNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 North CarolinaU.N.Carolina at Chapel Hill
(North Carolina)
Chapel HillNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 North CarolinaNorth Carolina State UniversityRaleighNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 North CarolinaWake Forest UniversityWinston-SalemNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 North CarolinaCampbell UniversityBuies CreekNCAA INIRSASemi-Pro
 North CarolinaGardner–Webb UniversityBoiling SpringsNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 North CarolinaHigh Point UniversityHigh PointNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 North CarolinaU.N. Carolina at Asheville
(UNC Asheville)
AshevilleNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 North CarolinaElon UniversityElonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 North CarolinaUniversity of North Carolina at Wilmington
(UNC Wilmington/UNCW)
WilmingtonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 North CarolinaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
CharlotteNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 North CarolinaUniversity of North Carolina at Greensboro
(UNC Greensboro)
GreensboroNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 North CarolinaAppalachian State UniversityBooneNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 OhioUniversity of CincinnatiCincinnatiNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 OhioUniversity of DaytonDaytonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 OhioXavier UniversityCincinnatiNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 OhioOhio State UniversityColumbusNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 OhioCleveland State UniversityClevelandNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 OhioWright State UniversityFairbornNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 OhioUniversity of AkronAkronNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 OhioBowling Green State UniversityBowling GreenNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 OklahomaUniversity of TulsaTulsaNCAA INoneSemi-Pro
 OklahomaOral Roberts UniversityTulsaNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 OregonOregon State UniversityCorvallisNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 OregonUniversity of PortlandPortlandNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 PennsylvaniaTemple UniversityPhiladelphiaNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 PennsylvaniaDuquesne UniversityPittsburghNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 PennsylvaniaLa Salle UniversityPhiladelphiaNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 PennsylvaniaSaint Joseph’s UniversityPhiladelphiaNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 PennsylvaniaUniversity of Pittsburgh
PittsburghNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 PennsylvaniaVillanova UniversityRadnor TownshipNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 PennsylvaniaPennsylvania State University
(Penn State)
State CollegeNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 PennsylvaniaDrexel UniversityPhiladelphiaNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 PennsylvaniaUniversity of Pennsylvania
PhiladelphiaNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 PennsylvaniaRobert Morris UniversityMoon TownshipNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 PennsylvaniaSaint Francis University
(Saint Francis, PA)
LorettoNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 PennsylvaniaBucknell UniversityLewisburgNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 PennsylvaniaLafayette CollegeEastonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 PennsylvaniaLehigh UniversityBethlehemNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 Rhode IslandUniversity of Rhode IslandKingstonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 Rhode IslandProvidence CollegeProvidenceNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 Rhode IslandBrown UniversityProvidenceNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 Rhode IslandBryant UniversitySmithfieldNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 South CarolinaClemson UniversityClemsonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 South CarolinaUniversity of South Carolina Upstate
(USC Upstate)
SpartanburgNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 South CarolinaPresbyterian CollegeClintonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 South CarolinaWinthrop UniversityRock HillNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 South CarolinaCollege of Charleston (Charleston)CharlestonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 South CarolinaUniversity of South CarolinaColumbiaNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 South CarolinaFurman UniversityGreenvilleNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 South CarolinaWofford CollegeSpartanburgNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 South CarolinaCoastal Carolina UniversityConwayNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 TennesseeUniversity of MemphisMemphisNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 TennesseeLipscomb UniversityNashvilleNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 TennesseeBelmont UniversityNashvilleNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 TennesseeEast Tennessee State University
Johnson CityNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 TexasSouthern Methodist University
DallasNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 TexasHouston Baptist UniversityHoustonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 TexasUniversity of the Incarnate WordSan Antonio & Alamo HeightsNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 TexasUniversity of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Edinburg & Rio Grande ValleyNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 UtahUtah Valley UniversityOremNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 VermontUniversity of VermontBurlingtonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 VirginiaGeorge Mason UniversityFairfaxNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 VirginiaVirginia Commonwealth University
RichmondNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 VirginiaUniversity of VirginiaCharlottesvilleNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 VirginiaVirginia Polytechnic Institute
and State University

(Virginia Tech)
BlacksburgNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 VirginiaLiberty UniversityLynchburgNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 VirginiaLongwood UniversityFarmvilleNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
VirginiaRadford UniversityRadfordNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 VirginiaJames Madison UniversityHarrisonburgNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 VirginiaCollege of William & Mary
(William & Mary)
WilliamsburgNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 VirginiaOld Dominion UniversityNorfolkNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 VirginiaVirginia Military Institute
LexingtonNCAA I NoneSemi-Pro
 WashingtonUniversity of WashingtonSeattleNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 WashingtonGonzaga UniversitySpokaneNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 WashingtonSeattle UniversitySeattleNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 West VirginiaMarshall UniversityHuntingtonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 West VirginiaWest Virginia UniversityMorgantownNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 WisconsinMarquette UniversityMilwaukeeNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 WisconsinUniversity of Wisconsin–Madison
MadisonNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro
 WisconsinUniversity of Wisconsin–Green Bay
(Green Bay)
Green BayNCAA INoneSemi-Pro
 WisconsinUniversity of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
MilwaukeeNCAA I NIRSASemi-Pro