Educational Funding using Women’s Soccer USA 2021

Educational Funding using Women’s Soccer is best done by yourself as the player.  You and your parent are going to have to work together to acquire the information to find the roster spot you need.  The roster spot may not be on a varsity team. Educational funding using Women’s Soccer will require you do to some some research. The “Women’s Soccer Master Lists USA” contains important links for your regarding America’s University, College and Technical Schools that can save you time.  These listsare set to the schools Varsity Team Membership. Remember you may find you can find schools the participate in more than one league.

Women’s Soccer Master Lists  USA for University,  College and Technical Schools

First of all – this list is your most important resource for you to  find educational funding using Women’s Soccer. It will guide you to a post-secondary Women’s soccer roster spot team in Canada. If you are from outside of the USA, the soccer clubs you play for can reduce the cost of your schooling.  You can play for a varsity school team, to receive school funding.  Furthermore – you can also play for a local semi-pro team or an intramural (NIRSA) team to help you gain funding for your schooling. The Masterlist at breaks down all of the womens soccer clubs in the United States.  You can choose a club  and build a  recruitment plan to fit your educational funding needs.

Master List Use Instructions – Educational Funding Using Women’s Soccer USA 2019

Choose Province First – Educational Funding Using Women’s Soccer

In order for you to obtain educational funding using Women’s Soccer, choose the Province you want to play in.  Provinces are listed on the Map  below.  You can choose Either a University (4 year degree granting program) or a College/Technical School (2 year diploma program).  You will see the Varsity, Intramural or Local Mens Teams listed. You can view the city (location) beside the school and begin a list of potential schools. It is important that you do this only after you have narrowed down your choice of career. If you need help on the process and educational funding using Men’s Soccer you can peruse for more help.

Educational Funding Using Men's Soccer USA 2018
Educational Funding Using Men’s Soccer USA 2021 Map
Choose Appropriate School University College Technical – Educational Funding Using Womens Soccer

First of all, you need to Choose a School that fits your needs based upon your own welfare.  Your own welfare means a school where you receive the education you need.  Education is the information required to do whatever career interests you. Also you need to look at your budget!  The location listing is valuable for this.  The masterlist lists the location as a City. Educational funding using Women’s Soccer is best acquired at or near the insitution that fits your needs.

Choose School Location City – Educational Funding Using Women’s Soccer

Accordingly, determine  the location of the institutlon by City – next to the heading of the school you have chosen. It will contain information on the city. You can acquire costs of living or the city by adding “cost of living” behind the name of the city in ‘Google”.  You can also use “Cost of living” after the university name at to gain a more detailed account regarding cost of living at you chosen university. Educational funding using Women’s Soccer is going to have to take into account your budgeted needs.

Educational Funding Using Women's Soccer
Educational Funding Using Women’s Soccer – University Prep Girls training with Coaching Staff Seattle

Varsity Master List Heading – Educational Funding Using Women’s Soccer

After determining  the School and it’s location – select the link under”Varsity” to find the URL for the school team that represents the institution.  This link will be denoted for you by the league it participates in. You choose the varsity team when you are only interested in a school scholarship. Most noteworthy is – yes, you receive monies for a scholarship – but  will also likely need to find more than scholarship money to attend. After deciding whether or not a scholarship is required you  can turn to a NIRSA heading.

NIRSA Master List Heading – Educational Funding Using Women’s Soccer

You can choose NIRSA to find the URL for the school intramural team that represents the institution.  Consequently, you choose the intramural team when you are only interested in combining other scholarships with a school activity.  NIRSA is an acronym for “National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association.” NIRSA has faciliated national leagues where “club” teams can compete.  If a school has a team you may be able to tie participation to school funding.  If the school has no NIRSA team, you can facilitate one. This type of leadership can help you acquire educational funding.

Educational Funding Using Women’s Soccer by Using Innovative Thinking! 

After deciding whether or not  a NIRSA team can help you – you can turn to Semi-Pro. It may seem like  educational funding using Women’s Soccer cannot be achieved by using Intra-Mural Soccer – but it can. What is most noteworthy is that most scholarships applied for are conjunctional – so you need to link the sport participation with another parameter that a scholarship or bursary is looking for. You need to be aware that NIRSA participation may affect varsity eligibility in the future.  For a much more indepth study on this subject you can refer to website.

Semi-Pro Master List Heading – Educational Funding Using Women’s Soccer

This the local senior women’s association that deals with women’s soccer. You can find a local team sponsored by a business. For help on this you can turn to  There you will find innovative  ways to acquire outside funding funding to soccer.  The funding you may acquire is through programs created by local, provincial and federal governments. What is especially relevant is the list provided on the sheet is Semi-Pro but you can try local business sponsored teams also.

Arizona Birmingham–Southern CollegeSpiritSurpriseNCCAA INone SEMI-PRO
Arkansas  Central Baptist CollegeMustangsConwayNCCAA INIRSASEMI-PRO
Arkansas  Ecclesia CollegeEaglesSpringdaleNCCAA INoneSEMI-PRO
 California Bethesda UniversityFlamesAnaheimNoneNoneSEMI-PRO
California  Biola UniversityKingsmenLa MiradaNCCAA INoneSEMI-PRO
 California University of St KatherineFirebirdsSan MarcosNCCAA INoneSEMI-PRO
 Colorado  Colorado Christian UniversityTigersLakewoodNCCAA INoneSEMI-PRO
Florida  Johnson UniversityVikingsKissimmeeNoneNoneSEMI-PRO
Florida  Pensacola Christian CollegeScotsPensacolaNCCAA I & IINoneSEMI-PRO
Florida  Southeastern UniversityEaglesLakelandNCCAA INoneSEMI-PRO
 Florida  Trinity Baptist CollegePanthersJacksonvilleNCCAA IINoneSEMI-PRO
 Florida  Trinity CollegeStormy PetrelsNew Port RicheyNoneNoneSEMI-PRO
Florida  Warner UniversityLionsLake WalesNCCAA INoneSEMI-PRO
Georgia Brewton Parker CollegeWolvesMount VernonNCCAA INoneSEMI-PRO
Georgia Emmanuel CollegeVikingsFranklin SpringsNCCAA INoneSEMI-PRO
Georgia Toccoa Falls CollegeSpartansToccoa NCCAA IINoneSEMI-PRO
Illinois  Judson UniversityEaglesElginNCCAA IINIRSASEMI-PRO
Illinois  Lincoln Christian UniversityBeaversLincolnNCCAA INoneSEMI-PRO
 Illinois Greenville UniversityPanthersGreenvilleNCCAA INIRSASEMI-PRO
 Illinois Moody Bible InstituteScarlet HawksChicagoNCCAA IINIRSASEMI-PRO
 Illinois Olivet Nazarene UniversityTitansBourbonnaisNCCAA INIRSASEMI-PRO
 Illinois Trinity Christian CollegePrairie FirePalos HeightsNCCAA INoneSEMI-PRO
Illinois  Trinity International UniversityBig BlueDeerfieldNCCAA INoneSEMI-PRO
 Indiana Bethel CollegeTigersMishawakaNCCAA INIRSASEMI-PRO
 Indiana Grace CollegeQuakersWinona LakeNCCAA INIRSASEMI-PRO
 Indiana Huntington UniversityGrizzliesHuntingtonNCCAA INIRSASEMI-PRO
Indiana  Indiana Wesleyan  UniversitySpartansMarionNCCAA INIRSASEMI-PRO
 Indiana Oakland City  UniversityThunderOakland CityNCCAA INIRSASEMI-PRO
Iowa  Emmaus Bible CollegeSpartansDubuqueNCCAA IINoneSEMI-PRO
 Iowa Faith Baptist Bible CollegePioneersAnkenyNCCAA IINIRSASEMI-PRO
Kansas Barclay CollegeMountaineersHavilandNoneNoneSEMI-PRO
Kansas Central Christian College MacphersonNCCAA INIRSA SEMI-PRO
Kansas  Kansas  Christian College Overland ParkNCCAA INone SEMI-PRO
Kansas  Manhattan Christian College ManhattanNCCAA IINIRSA SEMI-PRO
Kentucky Boyce CollegeGolden EaglesLouisvilleNoneNoneSEMI-PRO
Kentucky  Campbellsville UniversitySaintsCampbellsvilleNCCAA INIRSASEMI-PRO
Kentucky  Kentucky Christian UniversityPioneersGraysonNCCAA IINIRSASEMI-PRO
 Michigan Concordia UniversityBulldogsAnn ArborNCCAA I NIRSASEMI-PRO
 Michigan Grace Bible CollegeKnightsGrand RapidsNCCAA II NIRSASEMI-PRO
 Michigan Great Lakes Christian  CollegeFlying DutchmenDelta TownshipNCAA II NIRSASEMI-PRO
 Minnesota North Central UniversityRamsMinneapolisNCCAA II NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Minnesota University of NW. – St. PaulEaglesRosevilleNCCAA II NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Mississippi  Belhaven UniversityBlazersJacksonNCCAA I NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Missouri Calvary UniversityGriffinsKansas CityNCCAA I NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Missouri Ozark Christian CollegeBearsJoplinNCCAA II NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Nebraska Grace University OmahaNONE NIRSA 
 Nebraska Nebraska Christian CollegeRed HawksPapillionNCCAA I None SEMI-PRO
 Nebraska York College LionsYorkNCCAA I NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York  Houghton CollegeHighlandersHoughtonNCCAA I  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New York Roberts Wesleyan CollegeYellowjacketsRochester NCCAA I NIRSA SEMI-PRO
N. Carolina  John Wesley UniversityMonarchsHigh Point NONE None SEMI-PRO
Ohio  Cedarville UniversityYellow JacketsCedarville  NCCAA I NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Ohio Cincinnati Christian  UniversityLionsCincinnati NONE NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Ohio Ohio Christian UniversityFighting MuskiesCircleville  NCCAA I NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Oklahoma Mid American Christian University Oklahoma CityNCCAA INIRSASEMI-PRO
Oklahoma Oklahoma Wesleyan University BartlesvilleNCCAA INIRSASEMI-PRO
Oklahoma Randall University MooreNCCAA IINoneSEMI-PRO
Oklahoma Southwestern Christian University Bethany NCCAA INIRSASEMI-PRO
 Penn. Cairn UniversityHighlandersLanghorne NCCAA I NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn. Lancaster Bible CollegeChargersLancaster NCCAA I NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 South Carolina Bob Jones UniversityWildcatsGreenville NCCAA I  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 South Carolina Columbia International UniversityAnchormenColumbia NCCAA I  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
South Carolina North Greenville  UniversityHawksTigerville NCCAA I NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 South Carolina Southern Wesleyan UniversitySeahawksCentral NCCAA I NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Tennessee Hiwassee CollegeScotsMadisonville NCCAA I NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Tennessee  Johnson UniversityLynxKimberlin Heights NCCAA II None SEMI-PRO
 Tennessee Lee UniversityTigersCleveland
 Texas Austin CollegeKangaroosSherman NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Texas Concordia University TexasTornadosAustin NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Texas University of DallasCrusadersIrving NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Texas  Dallas Christian CollegeCowboys and CowgirlsDallas NCCAA IINone SEMI-PRO
 Texas McMurry UniversityWar HawksAbilene NCCAA I NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Texas Southwestern Assemblies of God UniversityMountaineersWaxahachieNCCAA I NIRSA  SEMI-PRO
Virginia  Bluefield CollegeEaglesBluefieldNCCAA I  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Virginia Regent UniversityMarlinsVirginia Beach NCCAA I NIRSA SEMI-PRO
W. Virginia  Appalachian Bible CollegeBisonMount HopeNone NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Wisconsin Maranatha Baptist UniversitySabercatsWatertown NCCAA II NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Manitoba Canada Providence University CollegeYellow JacketsOtterburne NCCAA II  NIRSA SEMI-PRO