Educational Funding using Women’s Soccer USA 2021

Educational Funding using Women’s Soccer is best done by yourself as the player.  You and your parent are going to have to work together to acquire the information to find the roster spot you need.  The roster spot may not be on a varsity team. Educational funding using Womens’ Soccer will require you do to some some research. The “Women’s Soccer Master Lists USA” contains important links for your regarding America’s University, College and Technical Schools that can save you time.  These lists are set to the schools Varsity Team Membership. Remember you may find you can find schools the participate in more than one league.

Women’s Soccer Master Lists  USA for University,  College and Technical Schools

First of all – this list is your most important resource for you to  find educational funding using Women’s Soccer. It will guide you to a post-secondary Women’s soccer roster spot team in Canada. If you are from outside of the USA, the soccer clubs you play for can reduce the cost of your schooling.  You can play for a varsity school team, to receive school funding.  Furthermore – you can also play for a local semi-pro team or an intramural (NIRSA) team to help you gain funding for your schooling. The Masterlist at breaks down all of the women’s soccer clubs in the United States.  You can choose a club  and build a  recruitment plan to fit your educational funding needs.


Choose Province First – Educational Funding Using Women’s Soccer

In order for you to obtain educational funding using Women’s Soccer, choose the Province you want to play in.  Provinces are listed on the Map  below.  You can choose Either a University (4 year degree granting program) or a College/Technical School (2 year diploma program).  You will see the Varsity, Intramural or Local Mens Teams listed. You can view the city (location) beside the school and begin a list of potential schools. It is important that you do this only after you have narrowed down your choice of career. If you need help on the process and educational funding using Men’s Soccer you can peruse for more help.

Educational Funding Using Men's Soccer USA 2018
Educational Funding Using Womens Soccer USA 2021 Map
Choose Appropriate School University College Technical – Educational Funding Using Womens Soccer

First of all, you need to Choose a School that fits your needs based upon your own welfare.  Your own welfare means a school where you receive the education you need.  Education is the information required to do whatever career interests you. Also you need to look at your budget!  The location listing is valuable for this.  The masterlist lists the location as a City. Educational funding using Women’s Soccer is best acquired at or near the institution that fits your needs.

Choose School Location City – Educational Funding Using Women’s Soccer

Accordingly, determine  the location of the instituton by City – next to the heading of the school you have chosen. It will contain information on the city. You can acquire costs of living or the city by adding “cost of living” behind the name of the city in ‘Google”.  You can also use “Cost of living” after the university name at to gain a more detailed account regarding cost of living at you chosen university. Educational funding using Women’s Soccer is going to have to take into account your budgeted needs.

Educational Funding Using Women's Soccer
Educational Funding Using Women’s Soccer – University Prep Girls training with Coaching Staff Seattle

Varsity Master List Heading – Educational Funding Using Women’s Soccer

After determining  the School and it’s location – select the link under”Varsity” to find the URL for the school team that represents the institution.  This link will be denoted for you by the league it participates in. You choose the varsity team when you are only interested in a school scholarship. Most noteworthy is – yes, you receive monies for a scholarship – but  will also likely need to find more than scholarship money to attend. After deciding whether or not a scholarship is required you  can turn to a NIRSA heading.

NIRSA Master List Heading – Educational Funding Using Women’s Soccer

You can choose NIRSA to find the URL for the school intramural team that represents the institution.  Consequently, you choose the intramural team when you are only interested in combining other scholarships with a school activity.  NIRSA is an acronym for “National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association.” NIRSA has faciliated national leagues where “club” teams can compete.  If a school has a team you may be able to tie participation to school funding.  If the school has no NIRSA team, you can facilitate one. This type of leadership can help you acquire educational funding.

Educational Funding Using Women’s Soccer by Using Innovative Thinking! 

After deciding whether or not  a NIRSA team can help you – you can turn to Semi-Pro. It may seem like  educational funding using Women’s Soccer cannot be achieved by using Intra-Mural Soccer – but it can. What is most noteworthy is that most scholarships applied for are conjunctional – so you need to link the sport participation with another parameter that a scholarship or bursary is looking for. You need to be aware that NIRSA participation may affect varsity eligibility in the future.  For a much more indepth study on this subject you can refer to website.

Semi-Pro Master List Heading – Educational Funding Using Women’s Soccer

This the local senior women’s association that deals with women’s soccer. You can find a local team sponsored by a business. For help on this you can turn to  There you will find innovative  ways to acquire outside funding funding to soccer.  The funding you may acquire is through programs created by local, provincial and federal governments. What is especially relevant is the list provided on the sheet is Semi-Pro but you can try local business sponsored teams also.

Alabama Birmingham–Southern CollegePanthersBirminghamNCAA IIINIRSA SEMI-PRO
Alabama Huntingdon CollegeHawksMontgomeryNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Arkansas Hendrix CollegeWarriorsConwayNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Arkansas University of the OzarksEaglesClarksvilleNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 CaliforniaCalifornia Institute of TechnologyBeaversPasadenaNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
California California Lutheran UniversityKingsmenThousand OaksNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 CaliforniaUniversity of California, Santa CruzBanana SlugsSanta CruzNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 CaliforniaChapman UniversityPanthersOrangeNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 CaliforniaClaremont–Mudd–Scripps[A 3]Stags and AthenasClaremontNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 CaliforniaUniversity of La VerneLeopardsLa VerneNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 CaliforniaOccidental CollegeTigersLos AngelesNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 CaliforniaPomona College and Pitzer CollegeSagehensClaremontNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 CaliforniaUniversity of RedlandsBulldogsRedlandsNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 CaliforniaWhittier CollegePoetsWhittierNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 Colorado Colorado College[A 4][A 6]TigersColorado SpringsNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 ConnecticutAlbertus Magnus CollegeFalconsNew HavenNCAA IIINoneSEMI-PRO
 ConnecticutConnecticut CollegeCamelsNew LondonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 ConnecticutEastern Conn. State UniversityWarriorsWillimanticNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 ConnecticutMitchell CollegeMarinersNew LondonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 ConnecticutUniversity of Saint JosephBlue JaysWest HartfordNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 Connecticut Trinity CollegeBantamsHartfordNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 Connecticut US Coast Guard AcademyBearsNew LondonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 Connecticut Wesleyan UniversityCardinalsMiddletownNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 ConnecticutW.  Connecticut State UniversityColonialsDanburyNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 Delaware Wesley CollegeWolverinesDoverNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 D.ColumbiaCatholic University of AmericaCardinalsWashingtonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 D.ColumbiaGallaudet UniversityBisonWashingtonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 D.ColumbiaTrinity Washington UniversityTigersWashingtonNCAA IIINoneSEMI-PRO
 Georgia Berry CollegeVikingsMount BerryNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 GeorgiaCovenant CollegeScotsLookout MountainNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 GeorgiaEmory UniversityEaglesAtlantaNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 GeorgiaLaGrange CollegePanthersLaGrangeNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 Georgia Oglethorpe UniversityStormy PetrelsAtlantaNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 Georgia Piedmont CollegeLionsDemorestNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
GeorgiaWesleyan CollegeWolvesMaconNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Illinois Augustana CollegeVikingsRock IslandNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Illinois Aurora UniversitySpartansAuroraNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Illinois Benedictine UniversityEaglesLisleNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Illinois Blackburn CollegeBeaversCarlinvilleNCAA IIINoneSEMI-PRO
Illinois University of ChicagoMaroonsChicagoNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IllinoisConcordia University ChicagoCougarsRiver ForestNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IllinoisDominican UniversityStarsRiver ForestNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Illinois Elmhurst CollegeBluejaysElmhurstNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Illinois Eureka CollegeRed DevilsEurekaNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IllinoisGreenville UniversityPanthersGreenvilleNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IllinoisIllinois CollegeBlueboys JacksonvilleNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IllinoisIllinois Institute of TechnologyScarlet HawksChicagoNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IllinoisIllinois Wesleyan UniversityTitansBloomingtonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IllinoisKnox CollegePrairie FireGalesburgNCAA IIINoneSEMI-PRO
Illinois Lake Forest CollegeForestersLake ForestNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Illinois MacMurray CollegeHighlandersJacksonvilleNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Illinois Millikin UniversityBig BlueDecaturNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Illinois Monmouth CollegeScotsMonmouthNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Illinois North Central CollegeCardinalsNapervilleNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Illinois North Park UniversityVikingsChicagoNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IllinoisPrincipia CollegePanthersElsahNCAA IIINoneSEMI-PRO
 IllinoisRockford UniversityRegentsRockfordNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Illinois Wheaton CollegeThunderWheatonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Indiana Anderson UniversityRavens and Lady RavensAndersonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IndianaDePauw UniversityTigersGreencastleNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IndianaEarlham CollegeQuakersRichmondNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IndianaFranklin CollegeGrizzliesFranklinNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IndianaHanover CollegePanthersHanoverNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Indiana Manchester UniversitySpartansN. ManchesterNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IndianaRose-Hulman Institute of Tech.EngineersTerre HauteNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IndianaSaint Mary’s CollegeBellesNotre DameNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IndianaTrine UniversityThunderAngolaNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IndianaWabash CollegeLittle GiantsCrawfordsvilleNONENIRSASEMI-PRO
 IowaBuena Vista UniversityBeaversStorm LakeNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IowaCentral CollegeDutchPellaNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IowaCoe CollegeKohawksCedar RapidsNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IowaCornell CollegeRamsMount VernonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Iowa University of DubuqueSpartansDubuqueNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IowaGrinnell CollegePioneersGrinnellNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 Iowa Iowa Wesleyan CollegeTigersMt. PleasantNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IowaLoras CollegeDuhawksDubuqueNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IowaLuther CollegeNorseDecorahNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 IowaSimpson CollegeStormIndianolaNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 Iowa Wartburg CollegeKnightsWaverlyNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Kentucky Berea CollegeMountaineersBereaNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 KentuckyCentre CollegeColonelsDanvilleNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 KentuckySpalding UniversityGolden EaglesLouisvilleNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Kentucky Thomas More CollegeSaintsCrestview HillsNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Kentucky Transylvania UniversityPioneersLexingtonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 LouisianaCentenary College of LouisianaGents and LadiesShreveportNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Louisiana Louisiana CollegeWildcatsPinevilleNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 MaineBates CollegeBobcatsLewistonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 MaineBowdoin CollegePolar BearsBrunswickNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 MaineColby CollegeWhite MulesWatervilleNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Maine Husson UniversityEaglesBangorNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Maine University of Maine at FarmingtonBeaversFarmingtonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 MaineMaine Maritime AcademyMarinersCastineNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Maine University of Maine at Presque IsleOwlsPresque IsleNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 MaineUniversity of New EnglandNor’eastersBiddefordNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 MaineSaint Joseph’s College of MaineMonksStandishNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 MaineUniversity of Southern MaineHuskiesPortlandNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 MaineThomas CollegeTerriersWatervilleNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Maryland Frostburg State UniversityBobcatsFrostburgNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Maryland Goucher CollegeGophersTowsonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Maryland Hood CollegeBlazersFrederickNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 MarylandJohns Hopkins UniversityBlue JaysBaltimoreNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 MarylandMcDaniel CollegeGreen TerrorWestminsterNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Maryland Notre Dame of Maryland GatorsBaltimoreNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 MarylandSt. Mary’s College of MarylandSeahawksSt. Mary’s CityNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 MarylandSalisbury UniversitySea GullsSalisburyNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 MarylandStevenson UniversityMustangsStevensonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 MarylandWashington CollegeShoremenChestertownNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 Mass.Amherst CollegeMammothsAmherstNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Babson CollegeBeaversWellesleyNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Bay Path UniversityWildcatsLongmeadowNCAA III NoneSEMI-PRO
Mass.Becker CollegeHawksWorcesterNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Brandeis UniversityJudgesWalthamNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Bridgewater State UniversityBearsBridgewaterNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Clark UniversityCougarsWorcesterNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Curry CollegeColonelsMiltonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Dean College[A 1]BulldogsFranklinNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Eastern Nazarene CollegeLionsQuincyNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Elms CollegeBlazersChicopeeNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Emerson CollegeLionsBostonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Emmanuel CollegeSaintsBostonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Endicott CollegeGullsBeverlyNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Fitchburg State UniversityFalconsFitchburgNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Framingham State UniversityRamsFraminghamNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Gordon CollegeFighting ScotsWenhamNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Lasell CollegeLasersNewtonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Lesley UniversityLynxBostonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.University of Massachusetts BostonBeaconsBostonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Massachusetts College of Liberal ArtsTrailblazersNorth AdamsNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Univ. of Massachusetts DartmouthCorsairsDartmouthNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.EngineersCambridgeNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Massachusetts Maritime AcademyBuccaneersBuzzards BayNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Mount Holyoke CollegeLyonsSouth HadleyNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Mount Ida CollegeMustangsNewtonNONENIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Newbury CollegeNighthawksBrooklineNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Nichols CollegeBisonDudleyNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Pine Manor CollegeGatorsChestnut HillNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Regis CollegePrideWestonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Salem State UniversityVikingsSalemNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Simmons CollegeSharksBostonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Smith CollegePioneersNorthamptonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Springfield CollegePrideSpringfieldNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Suffolk UniversityRamsBostonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Tufts UniversityJumbosMedfordNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Wellesley CollegeBlueWellesleyNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Wentworth Institute of TechnologyLeopardsBostonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Western New England UniversityGolden BearsSpringfieldNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Westfield State UniversityOwlsWestfieldNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Wheaton CollegeLyonsNortonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Wheelock College[A 15]WildcatsBostonNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Williams CollegeEphsWilliamstownNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Worcester Polytechnic InstituteEngineersWorcesterNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
Mass.Worcester State UniversityLancersWorcesterNCAA IIINIRSASEMI-PRO
 MichiganAdrian CollegeBulldogsAdrianNCAA III NIRSASEMI-PRO
Michigan Albion CollegeBritonsAlbionNCAA III NIRSASEMI-PRO
 MichiganAlma CollegeScotsAlmaNCAA III NIRSASEMI-PRO
 MichiganCalvin CollegeKnightsGrand RapidsNCAA III NIRSASEMI-PRO
 MichiganFinlandia UniversityLionsHancockNCAA III NIRSASEMI-PRO
 MichiganHope CollegeFlying DutchmenHollandNCAA III NIRSASEMI-PRO
 MichiganKalamazoo CollegeHornetsKalamazooNCAA III NIRSASEMI-PRO
 MichiganOlivet CollegeCometsOlivetNCAA III NIRSASEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaAugsburg UniversityAuggiesMinneapolisNCAA III NIRSASEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaBethany Lutheran CollegeVikingsMankatoNCAA III NIRSASEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaBethel UniversityRoyalsArden HillsNCAA III NIRSASEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaCarleton CollegeKnightsNorthfieldNCAA III NIRSASEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaConcordia CollegeCobbersMoorheadNCAA III NIRSASEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaCrown CollegeStormSt. BonifaciusNCAA III NIRSASEMI-PRO
Minnesota Gustavus Adolphus CollegeGustiesSt. PeterNCAA III NIRSASEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaHamline UniversityPipersSt. PaulNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaMacalester CollegeScotsSt. PaulNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaMartin Luther CollegeKnightsNew UlmNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
MinnesotaUniversity of Minnesota MorrisCougarsMorrisNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaNorth Central UniversityRamsMinneapolisNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaUniversity of NW. – St. PaulEaglesRosevilleNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaCollege of Saint BenedictBlazersSt. JosephNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaSt. Catherine UniversityWildcatsSt. PaulNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaSaint John’s UniversityJohnniesCollegevilleNONE NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaSaint Mary’s Univ. of MinnesotaCardinalsWinonaNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaSt. Olaf CollegeOlesNorthfieldNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaThe College of St. ScholasticaSaintsDuluthNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 MinnesotaUniversity of St. ThomasTommiesSt. PaulNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Mississippi Belhaven UniversityBlazersJacksonNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Mississippi Millsaps CollegeMajors and Lady MajorsJacksonNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 MissouriFontbonne UniversityGriffinsSt. LouisNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 MissouriWashington University St. LouisBearsSt. LouisNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 MissouriWebster UniversityGorloksSt. LouisNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 MissouriWestminster CollegeBlue JaysFultonNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 NebraskaNebraska Wesleyan UniversityPrairie WolvesLincolnNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
N. Hampshire Colby–Sawyer CollegeChargersNew LondonNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
N. Hampshire Keene State CollegeOwlsKeeneNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
N. Hampshire New England CollegePilgrimsHennikerNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
N. Hampshire Plymouth State UniversityPanthersPlymouthNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
N. Hampshire Rivier UniversityRaidersNashuaNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New Jersey Centenary College of New JerseyCyclonesHackettstownNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New Jersey Drew UniversityRangersMadisonNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New JerseyFairleigh Dickinson U., FlorhamDevilsMadisonNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New Jersey Kean UniversityCougarsUnion TownshipNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New JerseyMontclair State UniversityRed HawksMontclairNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New JerseyThe College of New JerseyLionsEwingNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New JerseyNew Jersey City UniversityGothic KnightsJersey CityNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New Jersey Ramapo CollegeRoadrunnersMahwahNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New Jersey Rowan UniversityProfsGlassboroNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New JerseyRutgers University–CamdenScarlet RaptorsCamdenNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New Jersey Rutgers University–NewarkScarlet RaidersNewarkNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New JerseyCollege of Saint ElizabethScreaming EaglesConvent StationNCAA III None SEMI-PRO
 New JerseyStevens Institute of TechnologyDucksHobokenNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New JerseyStockton UniversityOspreysPomonaNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New JerseyWilliam Paterson UniversityPioneersWayneNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkAlfred UniversitySaxonsAlfredNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkAlfred State CollegePioneersAlfredNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkBard CollegeRaptorsAnnandale-on-HudsonNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York Baruch CollegeBearcatsNew YorkNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York Brooklyn CollegeBulldogsBrooklynNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkBuffalo State CollegeBengalsBuffaloNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York Cazenovia CollegeWildcatsCazenoviaNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York City College of New York (CCNY)BeaversNew YorkNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkClarkson University]Golden KnightsPotsdamNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York D’Youville CollegeSpartansBuffaloNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkElmira CollegeSoaring EaglesElmiraNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York Farmingdale State CollegeRamsFarmingdaleNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkHamilton CollegeContinentalsClintonNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York Hartwick College]HawksOneontaNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York Hilbert CollegeHawksHamburgNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkHobart CollegeStatesmenGenevaNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York Houghton CollegeHighlandersHoughtonNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkHunter CollegeHawksNew YorkNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York Ithaca CollegeBombersIthacaNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York John Jay Coll. of Criminal JusticeBloodhoundsNew YorkNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkKeuka CollegeWolvesKeuka ParkNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York Lehman CollegeLightningThe BronxNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York Manhattanville CollegeValiantsPurchaseNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkMedaille CollegeMavericksBuffaloNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York Medgar Evers CollegeCougarsBrooklynNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkMorrisville State CollegeMustangsMorrisvilleNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkMount Saint Mary CollegeKnightsNewburghNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York College of Mount Saint VincentDolphinsThe BronxNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkNazareth CollegeGolden FlyersPittsfordNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New YorkCollege of New RochelleBlue AngelsNew RochelleNONE  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkState U. New York at BrockportGolden EaglesBrockportNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York State U. New York at CantonKangaroosCantonNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkState U. New York at CobleskillFighting TigersCobleskillNCAA III  None SEMI-PRO
 New YorkState U. New York at CortlandRed DragonsCortlandNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkState U. New York at DelhiBroncosDelhiNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkState U. New York at FredoniaBlue DevilsFredoniaNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkState U. New York at GeneseoKnightsGeneseoNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkState U. New York Maritime Coll.PrivateersThe BronxNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New York State U. New York Polytechnic WildcatsMarcyNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkState U. New York at New PaltzHawksNew PaltzNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New York State U. New York  Old WestburyPanthersOld WestburyNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkState U. New York at OneontaRed DragonsOneontaNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York State U. New York at OswegoLakersOswegoNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York State U. New York at PlattsburghCardinalsPlattsburgh NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkState U. New York at PotsdamBearsPotsdamNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkState U.New York at PurchasePanthersPurchase NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New York New York University (NYU)VioletsNew York NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteRed HawksTroy NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkUniversity of RochesterYellowjacketsRochester NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkRochester Institute of Tech.TigersRochester NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York Russell Sage CollegeGatorsTroy NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkSt. John Fisher CollegeCardinalsPittsford NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New YorkSt. Joseph’s College (Brooklyn)BearsBrooklyn NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkSt. Joseph’s College (Long Island)Golden EaglesLong Island NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkSt. Lawrence UniversitySaintsCanton NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkSarah Lawrence CollegeGryphonsYonkers NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkSkidmore CollegeThoroughbredsSaratoga Springs NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkCollege of Staten IslandDolphinsStaten Island NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York Union CollegeDutchmenSchenectady NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York U.S.  Merchant Marine Academy MarinersKings Point NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkUtica CollegePioneersUtica NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New YorkVassar CollegeBrewersPoughkeepsieNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkWells CollegeExpressAurora NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkWilliam Smith CollegeHeronsGeneva NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 New YorkYeshiva UniversityMaccabeesNew York NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
New York York College, City University of NYCardinalsQueens NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
N. Carolina Brevard CollegeTornadosBrevard NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
N. Carolina Greensboro CollegePrideGreensboro NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
N. Carolina Guilford CollegeQuakersGreensboro NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
N. Carolina Meredith CollegeAngelsRaleigh NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
N. Carolina Methodist UniversityMonarchsFayetteville NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
N. Carolina North Carolina Wesleyan CollegeBishopsRocky Mount NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
N. Carolina Pfeiffer UniversityFalconsMisenheimer NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
N. Carolina Salem CollegeSpiritsWinston-Salem NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
N. Carolina William Peace UniversityPacersRaleigh NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Ohio Baldwin Wallace UniversityYellow JacketsBerea NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Ohio Bluffton UniversityBeaversBluffton NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 OhioCapital UniversityCrusadersColumbus NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Ohio Case Western Reserve UniversitySpartansCleveland NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Ohio Defiance CollegeYellow Jackets and Lady JacketsDefiance NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 OhioDenison UniversityBig RedGranville NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Ohio Franciscan University of SteubenvilleBaronsSteubenville NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 OhioHeidelberg UniversityStudent PrincesTiffin NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Ohio Hiram CollegeTerriersHiram NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Ohio John Carroll UniversityBlue StreaksUniversity Heights NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 OhioKenyon CollegeLords and LadiesGambier NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 OhioMarietta CollegePioneersMarietta NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
OhioMount St. Joseph UniversityLionsCincinnati NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 OhioUniversity of Mount UnionPurple RaidersAlliance NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 OhioMuskingum UniversityFighting MuskiesNew Concord NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Ohio Oberlin CollegeYeomen and YeowomenOberlin NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 OhioOhio Northern UniversityPolar BearsAda NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 OhioOhio Wesleyan UniversityBattling BishopsDelaware NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Ohio Otterbein UniversityCardinalsWesterville NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 OhioWilmington CollegeQuakersWilmington NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 OhioWittenberg UniversityTigersSpringfield NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 OhioCollege of WoosterFighting ScotsWooster NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 OregonGeorge Fox UniversityBruinsNewberg NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Oregon Lewis & Clark CollegePioneersPortland NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Oregon Linfield CollegeWildcatsMcMinnville NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 OregonPacific UniversityBoxersForest Grove NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 OregonWillamette UniversityBearcatsSalem NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Albright CollegeLionsReading NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Allegheny CollegeGatorsMeadville NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Alvernia UniversityCrusadersReading NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Arcadia UniversityKnightsGlenside NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Bryn Athyn CollegeLionsBryn Athyn NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Bryn Mawr CollegeOwlsBryn Mawr NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Cabrini UniversityCavaliersRadnor NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Cairn UniversityHighlandersLanghorne NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Carnegie Mellon UniversityTartansPittsburgh NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Cedar Crest CollegeFalconsAllentown NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Chatham UniversityCougarsPittsburgh NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Clarks Summit UniversityDefendersClarks Summit NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Delaware Valley UniversityAggiesDoylestown NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.DeSales UniversityBulldogsCenter Valley NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Dickinson CollegeRed DevilsCarlisle NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Eastern UniversityEaglesSt. Davids NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Elizabethtown CollegeBlue JaysElizabethtown NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Franklin & Marshall CollegeDiplomatsLancaster NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Geneva CollegeGolden TornadoesBeaver Falls NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Gettysburg CollegeBulletsGettysburg NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Grove City CollegeWolverinesGrove City NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Gwynedd Mercy UniversityGriffinsLower Gwynedd Township NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Haverford CollegeFordsHaverford NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Immaculata UniversityMighty MacsImmaculata NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Juniata CollegeEaglesHuntingdon NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Keystone CollegeGiantsLa Plume Township NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.King’s CollegeMonarchsWilkes-Barre NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.La Roche CollegeRedhawksPittsburgh NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Lancaster Bible CollegeChargersLancaster NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Lebanon Valley CollegeFlying DutchmenAnnville  NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Lycoming CollegeWarriorsWilliamsport  NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Marywood UniversityPacersScranton  NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Messiah CollegeFalconsGrantham  NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Misericordia UniversityCougarsDallas  NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Moravian CollegeGreyhoundsBethlehem  NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Mount Aloysius CollegeMountiesCresson NCAA III None SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Muhlenberg CollegeMulesAllentown NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Neumann UniversityKnightsAston NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Penn. College of TechnologyWildcatsWilliamsport NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Penn.State University, AbingtonNittany LionsAbington NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Penn.  State University, AltoonaLionsAltoona NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Penn.State University, Berks CollegeNittany LionsReading NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Pennsylvania State University, ErieLionsErie NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Penn. State University, HarrisburgLionsHarrisburg NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.University of Pittsburgh at BradfordPanthersBradford NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.University of Pittsburgh GreensburgBobcatsGreensburg NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Rosemont CollegeRavensRosement NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Saint Vincent CollegeBearcatsLatrobe NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.University of ScrantonRoyalsScranton NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Susquehanna UniversityRiver HawksSelinsgrove NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Swarthmore CollegeGarnetSwarthmore NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Thiel CollegeTomcatsGreenville NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Ursinus CollegeBearsCollegeville NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.University of Valley ForgePatriotsPhoenixville NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Washington & Jefferson CollegePresidentsWashington NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Waynesburg UniversityYellow JacketsWaynesburg NCAA III  None SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Westminster CollegeTitansNew Wilmington NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Widener UniversityPrideChester NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Wilkes UniversityColonelsWilkes-Barre NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.Wilson CollegePhoenixChambersburg NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Penn.York College of PennsylvaniaSpartansYork NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Rhode IslandJohnson & Wales UniversityWildcatsProvidence NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Rhode IslandRhode Island CollegeAnchormenProvidence NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Rhode IslandRoger Williams UniversityHawksBristol NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 Rhode IslandSalve Regina UniversitySeahawksNewport NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 TennesseeMaryville CollegeScotsMaryville NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Tennessee Rhodes CollegeLynxMemphis NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 TennesseeSewanee: The Univ. of the SouthTigersSewanee
 TexasAustin CollegeKangaroosSherman NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 TexasConcordia University TexasTornadosAustin NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 TexasUniversity of DallasCrusadersIrving NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 TexasEast Texas Baptist UniversityTigersMarshall NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Texas Hardin–Simmons UniversityCowboys and CowgirlsAbilene NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 TexasHoward Payne UniversityYellow JacketsBrownwood NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 TexasLeTourneau UniversityYellow JacketsLongview NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 TexasUniversity of Mary Hardin–BaylorCrusadersBelton NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 TexasMcMurry UniversityWar HawksAbilene NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 TexasSchreiner UniversityMountaineersKerrvilleNCAA III NIRSA  SEMI-PRO
 TexasSouthwestern UniversityPiratesGeorgetownNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 TexasSul Ross State UniversityLobosAlpineNCAA III NIRSA  SEMI-PRO
 TexasUniversity of Texas at DallasCometsDallasNCAA III NIRSA  SEMI-PRO
 TexasTexas Lutheran UniversityBulldogsSeguinNCAA III NIRSA  SEMI-PRO
Texas University of Texas at TylerPatriotsTylerNCAA III NIRSA  SEMI-PRO
 TexasTrinity UniversityTigersSan AntonioNCAA III NIRSA  SEMI-PRO
Vermont Castleton UniversitySpartansCastletonNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VermontGreen Mountain CollegeEaglesPoultneyNONE NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VermontJohnson State CollegeBadgersJohnsonNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VermontLyndon State CollegeHornetsLyndonvilleNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VermontMiddlebury CollegePanthersMiddleburyNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VermontNorwich UniversityCadetsNorthfieldNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VermontSouthern Vermont CollegeMountaineersBenningtonNONE NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaAverett UniversityCougarsDanvilleNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Virginia Bridgewater CollegeEaglesBridgewaterNCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaChristopher Newport UniversityCaptainsNewport News NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaEastern Mennonite UniversityRoyalsHarrisonburg NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaEmory and Henry CollegeWaspsEmory NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaFerrum CollegePanthersFerrum NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaHampden–Sydney CollegeTigersHampden Sydney NCAA III  NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaHollins UniversityNoneRoanoke NCAA III  None SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaLynchburg CollegeHornetsLynchburg NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaMary Baldwin UniversityFighting SquirrelsStaunton NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaUniversity of Mary WashingtonEaglesFredericksburg NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Virginia Marymount UniversitySaintsArlington NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaRandolph CollegeWildCatsLynchburg NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaRandolph–Macon CollegeYellow JacketsAshland NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaRoanoke CollegeMaroonsSalem NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaShenandoah UniversityHornetsWinchester NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Virginia Southern Virginia UniversityKnightsBuena Vista NCAA IIINIRSA 
Virginia Sweet Briar CollegeVixensSweet Briar NCAA III None SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaVirginia Wesleyan UniversityMarlinsVirginia Beach NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 VirginiaWashington and Lee UniversityGeneralsLexington NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Washington Pacific Lutheran UniversityLutesTacoma NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Washington University of Puget SoundLoggersTacoma NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 WashingtonWhitman CollegeBluesWalla Walla NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Washington Whitworth UniversityPiratesSpokane NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
W. Virginia Bethany CollegeBisonBethany NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Wisconsin Alverno CollegeInfernoMilwaukeeNCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Wisconsin Beloit CollegeBuccaneersBeloit NCA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 WisconsinCarroll UniversityPioneersWaukesha NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 WisconsinCarthage CollegeRed Men/Lady RedsKenosha NCA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 WisconsinConcordia University WisconsinFalconsMequon NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Wisconsin Edgewood CollegeEaglesMadison NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Wisconsin Lakeland CollegeMuskiesSheboygan NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 WisconsinLawrence UniversityVikingsAppleton NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 WisconsinMaranatha Baptist UniversitySabercatsWatertown NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Wisconsin Marian UniversitySabresFond du Lac NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Wisconsin Milwaukee School of EngineeringRaidersMilwaukee NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
WisconsinMount Mary UniversityBlue AngelsMilwaukee NCAA III None SEMI-PRO
Wisconsin Northland CollegeLumberjacks and LumberjillsAshland NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Wisconsin Ripon CollegeRed HawksRipon NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 WisconsinSt. Norbert CollegeGreen KnightsDe Pere NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 WisconsinUniversity of Wisconsin–Eau ClaireBlugoldsEau Claire NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 WisconsinUniversity of Wisconsin–La CrosseEaglesLa Crosse None NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Wisconsin Wisconsin Lutheran CollegeWarriorsMilwaukee NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Wisconsin University of Wisconsin–OshkoshTitansOshkosh NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 WisconsinUniversity of Wisconsin–PlattevillePioneersPlatteville NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 WisconsinUniversity of Wisconsin–River FallsFalconsRiver Falls None NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 WisconsinUniversity of Wisconsin–Stevens PointPointersStevens Point None NIRSA SEMI-PRO
 WisconsinUniversity of Wisconsin–StoutBlue DevilsMenomonie None NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Wisconsin University of Wisconsin–SuperiorYellow JacketsSuperior NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO
Wisconsin University of Wisconsin–WhitewaterWarhawksWhitewater NCAA III NIRSA SEMI-PRO