Using Soccer to fund School in the USA and Canada!

Using Soccer to fund School in the USA and Canada!

“Football is a game of mistakes. Whoever makes the fewest mistakes wins.”

The “Dutch Master” Johan Cruyff
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About UniversityPrepSoccer

This site is dedicated to simplifying the soccer recruitment process for parents and players. It provides solutions to reducing the mistakes that most players make while trying to get recruited. Inside we provide information on Soccer Scholarships, Womens Soccer Scholarships, BeRecruited For more information check out our video below..and contact us if you like - we would love to hear from you!


Free Recruitment Resources for Players and Parents

We hope you will enjoy our free resources for players and parents. Here you will find soccer programs from post-secondary schools all over North America. We also provide scholarship websites from governments both local and national.  We also provide our College Soccer Training  guide to help you get to where our players succeeded to. 

Resources for Soccer Coaches

Whether you are looking for recruits or training future recruits, we hope you can use some of the resources inside!

The College Soccer Recruitment Course - Get Certified by University Prep Soccer!

The College Soccer Recruitment Course is an Online Set of Classes that break the Recuitment Procedure down to four easy steps. Written from ideas generated by recruiters, it is an Excellent Support Tool for new soccer recruits. It will triple the amount of opportunities available for post secondary play. After completion of the Course – players receive certificates. The certificate shows potential coaches and athletic directors, that the player is much more serious about their soccer career. Certification also proves that players is better organized and prepared for funding.



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