Career Choice!

The best place to start a soccer recruitment plan is by making a career choice first. You can check these sites to find careers that are in demand. They will direct you to the education you need while providing guidance on the future for the career and potential salary. If you cannot find a career that interests you, go to “School Choices” on the site!

College Soccer Recruiting Career Choice Sites  

Learn about careers, find career information, and locate career resources and advice withCareerOneStop.

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Browse major and career profiles using the categories, or use the tools to search by keyword or interest.

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Alis provides information for career planning, post-secondary education and training, educational funding, work search, labour market trends and workplace issues.

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Made your Career Choice?

The Career Sites will give you the education information you require. Now you need to target the schools that will provide the necessary education for your career. 

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If your marks are not strong enough to gain acceptance into the school of your choice there are two courses of action you can take. You may call your local school district and ask if you can upgrade your high school marks online. You also can choose to enroll in a community college that has a marks upgrade program and they will help you increase your grade point average. You now need to proceed to the “Schools Choice” page at

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