Don’t try to fit the College, find the College that fits you.

Your Success of your college soccer recruitment plan revolves around making the correct choice of school for your own personal situation. You can rank your list by many options (not limited to):

  • Cost of Living
  • Tuition
  • Quality of Program
  • College Reputation
  • Recreation Opportunities
  • Job Placement

We recommend building the list net of a Varsity Soccer Scholarship. Your list compiled logically is a wise choice of action because if your soccer funding ends, you can still finish your education. You also may be able to use soccer to find alternate funding other than a varsity scholarship!

United States Post Secondary Institutions  

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It is important do understand that although universities and tradeschools appropriate monies through varsity athletic means – students can use personal service contracts to open up more resources to educational funding.  Specifically the use of both Club Soccer and also men’s and women’s business sponsored teams can open us personal service contracts if executed correctly…..

Canada Post Secondary Institutions

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