Maturity Projects Value

Code of Conduct is projecting maturity because maturity projects value.  When a mature person is organized and is disciplined enough to stick with a plan that also projects value. When a mature person is organized with a work ethic there is nothing stopping them…. Coaches, Athletic Directors, and future investors in your education have a keen eye out for people like this….

We found our most successful recruits demonstrate principles, values, standards, or rules of behaviour that guided their decisions, procedures in a way that (a) contributed to the welfare of the teams they wanted to play for and  (b) respected the time and efforts of the organizations that wanted to recruit players like them.


 Most often seen in the Captain of a Team the Mature individual  sees a bigger picture of the world around them – this is called cognitive ability.  Not only can they read the game of soccer but they envision a path for themselves by making a plan. They also understand the feeilings – hopes and dreams of others – and work on bettering themselves and the lives ot others through their conduct. By always looking for the good in others and being respectful to all the people they create a reputation as being an individual that can be counted on.


 A Mature person organizes their life with two major principles – ridding themselves of wasted time – and maximizing their efficiency while they are working toward a goal. Trying to cut out wasted time is often difficult when a person has so many distractions in a modern life – however a mature person organizes the distractions to fit their own schedule. Maximizing a mature persons efficiency refers to setting up a routine of everyday life that fits an overall plan for the years required to obtain a certain goal.

Drive (Work Ethic)

 Drive is defined asa planned effort to achieve something ( Cambridge Dictionary).It really is focussed work ethic that is transfixed on a specific goal.Drive will push out of the way self doubts and intensify the seriousness of the satisfaction gained from achieving whatever is needed to be achieved. Mature people do this humbly and take time to appreciate those who help them.

Core 4: Technical

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