Play Soccer

Playing soccer is not only fun, good exercise, and a quality skill, it is also a great method of earning funds for college and university. Even if you cannot qualify for the highest skill scholarships at many universities, there are tons of other ways to use the experience in soccer for your benefit.

Varsity Club

Play: High-level soccer directly for the University.

Earn: Get entry into the university through Soccer Scholarships

Available Annual Funds:

$4.1 Billion

Competitive Club

Play: Competitively for a recreation club at the university

Earn: Use the experience to enrich your essay and application portfolio. Many general scholarships go un-awarded and is a great source of income for people who apply.

Available Annual Funds:

$141 Billion

Sponsored Club

Play: With a business or industry sponsored club.

Earn: Get entry-level employment opportunities with the business and apply for sponsorship funds to get trained for a career with them.

Available Annual Funds:

$387 Billion

Ready to Start?

Follow our steps to help you find a path forward that gets you a career, and gets soccer to help pay for it.

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Information on this page was derived from’s ten year study into the college soccer recruitment process. If you can see a way to improve this page – or our site – contact us! We would love to hear from you.