Soccer (Football) Fitness

Probably the most confusing thing to University Prep Soccer was the division of Fitness – the Idea that Anaerobic and Aerobic fitness were two different fitness styles that needed to be accounted for – was something we were not prepared for!  Keepers  required different fitness than Outfielders  – but these are something your local club will deal with  – at Uprep we noticed that core fitness was super important to university recruiters to the point that they separated the training levels completely.  Here’s a sample of the fitness from the University of Washington Huskies. The huskies are one of the most respected clubs within the specter of Soccer (Football) in the United States of America.

The Cost of Playing at the Highest Level

Here Sarah stands and clearly communicates to Professional Coach Aaron Hyde the feelings she feels whilst participating in Aaron’s training session.  Soccer was supposed to be such a fun game – but the cost of playing at the highest levels are the effort required to prepare the human body to be able to cope is  incredibly high. You are going to need work ethic if you choose to play at the highest levels. You are going to need to set aside time to train – not to be just like your teammates  – but to be better…  

Diagonal Speed

The biggest problem we had dealing with college soccer coaches was diagonal speed.  We would present players to the Division 1 and 2 NCAA coaches but they were constantly looking for the diagonal speed strength with regards to why the player was not strong enough to play at the college level….So we stepped back and took a concerted look at college soccer fitness training

Some Tips Regarding Soccer Fitness:

  1. Make Your Training a regular commitment – separate from your club team
  2. Focus on all parts on the body not just feet – a University Club will want a separate core training program
  3. If you are training with a club team ask for the workout and add to it  – it is probably already well thought out!
  4. Wanna cheat – here’s and easy way to be come a better player much faster when it comes to fitness……some of the most progressive clubs are already using it in the USA – go to a swimming pool – find the lap lane section and use the four common swimming strokes – they all relate to requirements for soccer. Only you will only need to train half the time – to be a lot better player…..
Core 1: Fun

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Core 3: Tactical