Technical Training

Technique refers to the skills required for the player to play the game. Commonly called kicking, trapping, dribbling etc. These are the physical skills required to be mastered so the player can function on the field in his or her position. The higher the level of play the higher the level of technique required to play the game. We have compiled a list of the 100 must-have techniques of a high-level player.

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Ball Control, Passing, Dribbling

3 – Be able to control the ball on the ground with the bottom of both feet

17 – Pass a moving ball along the ground with the insides of both feet over a distance of 15-30 metres

39 – Be able to dribble the ball with head up

Fainting, Fakes, Defending

46 – Be able to feint before gaining control the ball on the ground with both feet

51 – Be able to complete a short-long feint before receiving a pass

57 – Tackling (Standing 1 v 1 relative to postion of defenders goal)

Shooting, Kicking, First Touch

65 – Shoot and hit the goal with both feet from a distance of 20-25 metres with a moving ball

76 – Accurately place an out-swinger corner kick to the near post area

93 – Player receives ball in the direction he or she wants to go (diagonal pass from behind)

Core 3: Tactical

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Core 5: Conduct